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Хироки Кунимура из японского университета Цукуба создал этот милый симулятор младенца. Теперь вы можете насладиться этим воодушевляющим и трогательным видео. Робот может демонстрировать разные выражения лица и даже разные характеры младенцев.

Робот создавался не для того, чтобы заменить реальных детей, а для того, чтобы учить молодых японских родителей ухаживать за детьми. Также он призван заставить японцев увеличить рождаемость, которая в японии очень низкая. И, пускай робот не слишком красив, японцы любят технологии. Можно быть уверенным, что японцы и дальше будут создавать такие странные «предметы» и их богатая фантазия ещё долго не иссякнет. Будет жалко, если они все вымрут от депопуляции.

японский робот-младенец

Japanese Pi-Pi-Pi-Pi-Pizza…! 1
Posted on January 17, 2011 by DJC

Commercial for Japanese Pizza chain, Pizza-La.

If that commercial wasn’t filling enough for you, check out the menu for Japanese pizza chain, Pizza-La. Cream cheese and smoked ham pizza or Pizza (there could be anything in there!) La-Nuggets anyone?

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For WHY? Japanese Maid Leg Pillows… 0
Posted on December 14, 2010 by DJC

Japanese maid leg pillow.

Full site (high creep factor, Japanese only), here.

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Sammy Davis Jr. Vintage Japanese Whiskey Commercial… 0
Posted on October 12, 2010 by DJC

Sammy Davis Jr. for Suntory Whiskey (Japan). 1974.

Click here for the outtakes from the commercial Davis filmed in 1974 for Japanese spirit maker, Suntory.

Via: American Drink.

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Metal Safari Release “Prisoner”… 0
Posted on October 07, 2010 by DJC

Metal Safari, How To Die. From 2010′s, “Prisoner”.

Prisoner, is the highly anticipated second full-length release from Japan’s, Metal Safari. The band is touring Japan right now and, to date, has never appeared live outside of Asia. Which I think is about to change. Word.

More on the very metal, Metal Safari, here.

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Smash Guitar. The Guitar Born to Be Destroyed…! 0
Posted on August 09, 2010 by DJC

Smash Guitar. Built for smashing! 500 yen. By K’s Japan.

The “eco-friendly” Smash Guitar, designed and manufactured by K’s Japan, is specifically designed to be smashed to bits. Once it’s owner gives it the Pete Townshend treatment, the guitar is shipped back (in a guitar shaped coffin no less) to K’s Japan where it is rebuilt and sold to another guitar wielding maniac.  Smash Guitar comes in your choice of black or white as well as a model that comes loaded with guitar picks (the Bomb Smash) that naturally deploys guitar picks through the air during the guitar smashing process. Of course, since guitar smashing can be dangerous, K’s Japan has a few cautionary words (as well as a liability form that is required for the buyer) for the potential wanna-be guitar destroyer:

When smashing the guitar, pieces are known to fly over ten meters – which can cause damage (10 meters! Sweet!)

Smashing your guitar can also cause electrocution (Yikes! But I’m still game.)

You will need a wall or some alternative defense plan to prevent parts from to areas that will cause damage (Translation: incoming guitar shrapnel = duck. Got it.)

Person that will smash guitar should be wearing gloves, eye protection gear, and a helmet for their own safety (Gloves, helmet, goggles. Check!)

Please note that if you are going to smash this guitar, you will need to do so at your own risk (If Pete can do it, so can I!)

Sadly because it’s dangerous as fuck, Smash Guitar isn’t available anywhere but Japan (BOO!).

Via Tokyo Mango.

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Death To All Not Metal Part II: Sendai Kamotsu – Zekkomon… 0
Posted on May 27, 2010 by DJC

Sendai Kamotsu. Video for the single Zekkomon.

Japanese band Sendai Kamotsu is the very metal ninja alter-ego of Japanese band, Nightmare. That is all.

Thanks and welcome back!: BLORT!

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Daily Earwig: Triangle – Captain Zap… 2
Posted on May 24, 2010 by DJC

Triangle, Captain Zap. 1978.

During my exhaustive search to help find the worst song of all time for the “Hits From Hell” segment of the Movies About Girls Podcast (Episode #68 is up now or check us out on Loudcaster Internet Radio), I stumbled across Japanese pop sensation Triangle. Sadly, Triangle only recorded a couple of records between 1978 and 1980, before disappearing into Jpop obscurity. Today’s earwig, Captain Zap, walks that line between unexpectedly awesome and inexplicitly bad. But what do I know? Give Captain Zap a listen and let me know if your eardrums survived.

If you think you know a song that might qualify as the worst song of all time, drop me a line and maybe it will make it onto an upcoming installment of Hits From Hell!

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New Yazima Beauty Salon Featuring Princess Seiko…! 0
Posted on April 29, 2010 by DJC

Yazima Beauty Salon featuring Seiko!

This new video from Yazima Beauty Salon has everything! Cupcakes (see previous post), cannibalism, shaving, back alley way brawls, bulging cartoon eyeballs, 80′s Japanese pop-star Seiko and, the boys girls from Yazima Beauty Salon!

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Thanks Japan! Cheese Alien vs Pepper Alien… 0
Posted on March 29, 2010 by DJC

Japanese commercial for Milk Seafood Noodle Cup.

Mmmmm, delicious Cheese Alien.

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Disco Balls!: New Yazima Beauty Salon: Sing Like an Idol… 1
Posted on March 05, 2010 by DJC

Sing Like an Idol. The latest single and video from Yazima Beauty Salon!

Sing Like an Idol is the latest single and theme track for Yazima’s upcoming movie, Yazima Beauty Salon, The Movie. I also hear through the disco grapevine that Hello Kitty will be putting out plush versions of the glittery guys girls of Yazima Beauty Salon next month to coincide with the release of the film in April.

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My Sundays with Jesus: Domo Arigato Robot God ★ Jesus…! 1
Posted on February 21, 2010 by DJC

God ★ Jesus fortune telling robot with crucifix circa 1980ish. By Bandai. For AFJ.

Sadly, God ★ Jesus robot wasn’t a bible quoting mecha-messiah. The toy, made in Japan in the early 1980′s by the Hello Kitty overlords at Bandai, was actually more like a fancy Magic 8 Ball. I’m sure if you asked God ★ Jesus robot if you were going to hell because of what you did Saturday night (I’m talking to you AFJ), he would tell you that “You may rely on it”…

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Yazima Beauty Salon – New Single and Movie Trailer…! 0
Posted on February 12, 2010 by DJC

Yazima pefroming the song Megami no Chikara “live”. Wow, Wow, WOW indeed. For Triple G.

Here’s a link to the new Yazima Beauty Salon movie trailer. Click the tab marked “30″ for a longer, wackier look a the upcoming flick due out on April 29th. In keeping with their plan for global domination, Yazima’s debut record is set for release sometime next month. Look out world! 2010 is the year of Yazima!

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Yazima Beauty Salon Movie Coming In April…! 6
Posted on January 06, 2010 by DJC

Yazima Beauty Salon, Sakura!

More good news from a band that put out one of my favorite singles last year (yes, really), Yazima Beauty Salon. Yazima Beauty Salon, The Movie is set to make it’s debut in April of this year. For more info, check out Yazima’s Facebook Page or their official Japanese website.

Personally, I can’t get enough of Strawberry (below, age 11) so I can’t wait!

Strawberry of Yazmia Beauty Salon.

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Quentin Tarantino, Cell Phone Samurai…! 0
Posted on January 04, 2010 by DJC

Japanese mobile phone commercial staring The Q.

If you’re curious, the lose translation of Tarantino’s dialog in this Japanese cell phone commercial is, “Hai-ya! Samurai spirit!! Get him with the samurai sword! Ho-ha!”. The bizarre ad concludes when a call from Tarantino’s “wife” comes through on the dog speakerphone telling Tarantino to, “Get home right now!”.

Rest assured, Tarantino made it home just in time to make it to the  21st Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. The director’s cinematic accomplishments will be honored when he accepts the Sonny Bono Visionary Award at the festival that kicks off tomorrow, January 5th.

Thanks!: BLORT!

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Do Not Want!: Yotaro. The Japanese Baby Simulator… 0
Posted on December 18, 2009 by DJC

Yotaro demonstration video. Skip ahead to about 1:30 for the scary shit. For K who wisely prefers Robots to children. Until now maybe.

Yotaro, a robotic baby simulator (!), was created by researcher Hiroki Kunimura of the University of Tsukuba in Japan. The interactive robot mimics a variety of facial expressions, movements and even the physiological characteristics of babies.

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